Hello & welcome!

I’m Bridget Finklaire, Author, and Spiritual Teacher.

My novel Red Dress, published by John Hunt Publishing, will be launched in July 2021.

“I thought that the book had a terrific storyline, and I flew through the last 30%, which held my interest intently. As an American, I always enjoy books by the English, too. Nice job!”

Blayne Helmering (Reviewer), NetGalley

The book is an easy, engaging, light-hearted, page-turner that’s filled with wisdom. I wrote it for women but men have enjoyed it too. It’s fiction, but semi-autobiographical. Like Katy, I was a qualified Harley Street Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.

Unlike Katy, I’ve been on a spiritual journey since 1995.

My ‘why’ or purpose is TRANSFORMATION.

The concepts in the book are expanded in my life-changing programme – The Bone Circle© – which I developed in 2018, weaving together the strands of my spiritual and professional journeys to create something unique. The Bone Circle© is an extensive, in-depth training designed to empower you with the tools to create the life you’d love.

I’ve been described as a natural communicator, often sharing stories to illustrate and inspire. I’ve spoken, lectured, and facilitated many times and have media experience. I’m available for interviews, podcasts & speaker events. Please contact me.

My core message is “LOVE IS THE WAY.” 

I hold the vision of people awakening to the truth of who they are, so they can live fulfilling and meaningful lives with love, joy and purpose. As we do this individually, we collectively create a new way of being.

I was born in Hampshire, England and lived for almost 30 years in London before moving to Cape Town, in 2012. I was a professional psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and healer for 16 years, including 3 years in London’s Harley Street.  

Having learned to follow my intuition, I was guided to South Africa – a country I had never set foot in. I began coaching people to create what they would love ‘on purpose’ – purposefully, and according to their soul purpose – whilst writing my first novel ‘Red Dress’. I met my South African husband in 2013 and we married in 2016.

Since 1995, I’ve studied many spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric teachings and explored different techniques – from meditation to yoga and from chanting to prayer.  

I’ve facilitated and taught personal and spiritual development courses, including meditation, healing, dowsing, space clearing, A Course in Miracles, TruthYoga (a return to yoga as a spiritual practice), and FreedomDance, a free-form conscious shamanic trance dance.

I currently facilitate a study group for The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch© (Dr. JJ Hurtak, 1973 – www.keysofenoch.org), which I’ve been studying since 2007.

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Love, Light & Blessings
Bridget x