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I’m Bridget Finklaire, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and creator and founder of The Bone Circle©.

My novel Red Dress, published by John Hunt Publishing, is available anywhere books are sold!

“I thought that the book had a terrific storyline, and I flew through the last 30%, which held my interest intently. As an American, I always enjoy books by the English, too. Nice job!”

Blayne Helmering (Reviewer), NetGalley

Red Dress is an engaging, light-hearted, page-turner that’s filled with wisdom. It’s fiction, yet draws on some of my real-life experiences in the alternative world of energy healing. Like Katy, I was a qualified Harley Street Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.

Unlike Katy, I’ve been on a spiritual journey since 1995.

My ‘why’ or purpose is TRANSFORMATION.

In 2018, I developed and created a unique life-changing programme – The Bone Circle©. Weaving together the strands of my spiritual and professional journeys the training I offer is a transformative programme of soul advancement. The Bone Circle© is an extensive, in-depth teaching designed to empower you with the tools to create the life you’d love, live your soul purpose, heal the past and raise your vibration.

I’m a natural communicator and teacher with a wealth of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Please take a look at my media page. I’ve spoken, lectured, and facilitated many times and have media experience. I’m available for interviews, podcasts & speaker events. Please contact me.

My core message is “LOVE IS THE WAY.” 

I hold the vision of people awakening to the truth of who they are, so they can live fulfilling and meaningful lives with love, joy and purpose. As we do this individually, we collectively create a new way of being. This is the purpose of The Bone Circle.

I was born in Hampshire, England and lived for almost 30 years in London before moving to Cape Town, in 2012. I was a professional therapist and healer for 16 years, including 3 years in London’s Harley Street.  

Having learned to follow my intuition, I moved to South Africa – a country I had never set foot in. I began coaching people to create what they would love ‘on purpose’ – purposefully, and according to their soul purpose – whilst writing my first novel, Red Dress. I met my South African husband in 2013 and we married in 2016.

Since 1995, I’ve studied many spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric teachings and explored different techniques – from meditation to yoga and from chanting Sacred Mantras, to the power of prayer.  

I’ve facilitated and taught personal and spiritual development courses, including meditation, healing, dowsing, space clearing, TruthYoga (a return to yoga as a spiritual practice), and FreedomDance, a free-form conscious shamanic trance dance.

I currently facilitate a study group for The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch© (Dr. JJ Hurtak, 1973 – www.keysofenoch.org), which I’ve been studying since 2007.


We are living in a Gateway Moment. Ancient Prophesies talked of the End Times, but we hear less of the New Beginning that follows! Humanity is on the edge of a spiritual ‘re-evolution’: an evolution, a revolution and a revelation! Are you going to be part of it?

We are creative beings, responsible for what we make of our lives! Collectively, we’ve largely created the world around us today. Our thoughts, visions, ideas, beliefs, words and actions, led us to where we are now. New insights enable us to choose differently, and in doing so, we co-create something better.

Once we begin to create ‘on purpose’ – purposefully and according to our soul’s Highest Purpose – we begin the journey back to who we truly are. As we play our part within the whole, we work synergistically to create a new way of being.

What could be more important than that?

To achieve it, we must each awaken to a higher level of Consciousness, to our individual Greatness, and the part we can play. We can leave behind the old programming of childhood, the wounded ego that can sabotage, and the old paradigms of competition, consumption and acquisition. Instead, we can join together in service to ourselves, humanity and the planet.

It’s possible to return to a pure creative, positive state, and focus on actualising the visions that sustain and fulfil us. As we open our hearts and minds, we start to heal, grow and flourish as one body of humanity, thus raising our game to the next level of evolution. It starts with us! You can learn exactly HOW to do that, in The Bone Circle training!

Quantum shifts are happening on all levels – technological, geophysical, political, social, scientific, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical.

As we look in horror at the chaos in the world, we realise there is a polarisation. There is faith in a better future at the positive end of the spectrum. We are experiencing a change in the fabric of our lives and how we live.

We are witnessing an expansion of consciousness, a mass awakening, and a return to compassion and higher values, arising out of the havoc that’s currently playing out. The old structures which no longer serve us are imploding, which looks and feels chaotic. But new support structures will spring up in their place if we seize this opportunity. The feminine principles of nurturing, teamwork, intuition, mutual support and understanding, will come into balance with the masculine ways of structure, action, administration and critical thinking. The way out of the chaos is to evolve the spiritual mind

Love is the way and must be our guiding Light!

If you would like to interview me or speak to me about my work, please contact me. I have media experience.

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Love, Light & Blessings
Bridget x