A way of life – Unique, transformative & life-changing

“By far, one of the most profound trainings I’ve ever done!”

Lena Ski – Purpose Strategist

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The Bone Circle

The Bone Circle weaves together the threads of my spiritual life and my professional journey as a psychotherapist & hypnotherapist. It’s a set of tools for a new way of living, that orients you towards creating what you’d truly love. Love is the Way.

  • Creating the future
  • Healing the past
  • Mastering the Sacred eternal now

It’s an extensive, in-depth programme that I developed initially for women. Now open to all, it’s designed to help people understand who they really are, what they’d love in life, what they’ve come here to be (their soul purpose), and how to create it all, by following their own intuitive guidance and taking inspired action. Most importantly, I teach people how to spot and overcome the unconscious sabotage that often stops them in their tracks! 

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

The Bone Circle© Programme is split into five sections:

  1. Introducing The Bones – essential to the programme – no charge.
  2. The Bare Bones – a framework for living in the Creative Orientation.
  3. Fleshing out the Bones – understanding past conditioning and how the small self sabotages. Learning to create on purpose. Understanding underyling structures.
  4. The Beautiful Bones – receive your “Gift of Life” – the life you’re here to live and all the tools you need to actualize it.
  5. Mastering the Bones – understand the structure and pattern of your small self and how you can overcome sabotage patterns in your shadow. Learn techniques for staying focused, creating pure magic, and healing the past. Learn to lead by example, remain sovereign and step into your power and authority.

The Bone Circle work taps into that magnificent part of yourself – your intuition. The training has become a way of life – a vastly improved way of looking at my world, and creating that which I truly desire. There is nowhere else I’d rather be. I firmly believe I’m doing precisely the right thing to catalyse the life I want.

Kim Lyon, Chartered Accountant

“I loved the excitement of being with a group of like-minded women, all eager to become the best version of themselves. I also loved the unbelievable teachings through every aspect and session. It’s brillliant!”

Jill Van der Veen, Calligrapher

“The Bone Circle has been by far one of the most profound trainings I’ve ever done. It’s touched so many parts of me so deeply. It’s gifted me with a new navigation system, a truer orientation of who I am, and a shift that changes everything about how I show up.”

Lena Ski, Purpose Strategist

If you would like to receive information about The Bone Circle©, please contact me.