News – The Bone Circle©

I’m in the process of upgrading The Bone Circle training programme so that it’s accessible online and at an affordable price. This is taking longer than expected. The training will lean more towards spiritual awakening, living your soul purpose, creating your true life, healing the past, and raising your vibration. Essentially, it’s a training for Soul Advancement!

There will be a new, dedicated website – – which is currently in development. Watch this space!

News- Red Dress

Red Dress a Novel by Bridget Finklaire

“Red Dress” a novel, has been receiving some amazing 5-star reviews, and you can read about them here on the John Hunt Publishing website!

I’m also a Goodreads Author and you can find the book listed here!

It’s a novel, it’s a story, it’s funny, it’s serious, there’s a ***raunchy scene*** in it too… AND it has SPIRITUAL CONTENT! Warning! The wisdom contained in this book could change your life for the better!

Women Writers Website

Grab your copy now! Is it a light-hearted story about work/life balance, or a spiritual manual that rebrands God? Follow Katy’s journey and change your life! Read it today.

Red Dress has been described by various people as “Eat Pray Love meets Bridget Jones” and “A modern, female version of Dan Brown”. Set in London, it follows Katy, a career woman in her 40s whose successful life isn’t all it seems. Everything’s perfect on the outside, but inside she’s falling apart. With some trepidation, she begins a spiritual journey of awakening. It’s funny, warm, informative and inspirational. All the tools that Katy uses to heal and transform are authentic – and you can follow her on your own path to fulfilment. Published by Roundfire Books, John Hunt Publishing, it’s available to pre-order NOW!

CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS TO ORDER:,, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and John Hunt Publishing.

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