Red Dress a Novel by Bridget Finklaire

“Red Dress” a novel, has been receiving some amazing 5-star reviews, and you can read about them here on the John Hunt Publishing website!

It’s a novel, it’s a story, it’s funny, it’s serious, there’s a ***raunchy scene*** in it too… AND it has SPIRITUAL CONTENT! Warning! The wisdom contained in this book could change your life for the better!

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Grab your copy now! Is it a light-hearted story about work/life balance, or a spiritual manual that rebrands God? It’s the new BESTSELLING, HOT NEW AMAZON RELEASE! Read it today.

Red Dress has been described by various people as Eat Pray Love meets Bridget Jones and “A modern, female version of Dan Brown”. Set in London, it follows Katy, a career woman in her 40s whose successful life isn’t all it seems. Everything’s perfect on the outside, but inside she’s falling apart. With some trepidation, she begins a spiritual journey of awakening. It’s funny, warm, informative and inspirational. Published by Roundfire Books, John Hunt Publishing, it’s available to pre-order NOW!

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I’m also a Goodreads Author and you can find the book listed here!


Humanity is on the edge of a spiritual ‘re-evolution’: an evolution, a revolution and a revelation! Are you going to be part of it?

We are creative beings, responsible for what we make of our lives! Collectively, we’re responsible for everything that’s happening in the world today. Our thoughts, visions, ideas, beliefs, words and actions, led us to where we are now.

Once we begin to create ‘on purpose’ – purposefully and according to our soul’s Highest Purpose – we begin the journey back to who we truly are. As we play our part within the whole, we work synergistically  to create a new way of being.

What could be more important than that?

To achieve it, we must each awaken to a higher level of Consciousness, to our own individual Greatness, and the part we can play. We can leave behind the old programming of childhood, the wounded ego that can sabotage, and the old paradigms of competition, consumption and acquisition. Instead, we can join together in service to ourselves, humanity and the planet.

It’s possible to return to a pure creative, positive state, and focus on actualising the visions that sustain and fulfil us. As we begin to open our hearts and minds, we start to heal, grow and flourish as one body of humanity, thus raising our game to the next level of evolution. It starts with us!

Quantum shifts are taking place on all levels – technological, geophysical, political, social, scientific, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical.

As we look in horror at the chaos in the world, we realise there is a polarisation. At the positive end of the spectrum there is faith in a better future. We are experiencing a change in the fabric of our lives and the way we live.

We are witnessing an expansion of consciousness, a mass awakening, and a return to compassion and higher values. The old structures which no longer serve us are imploding, which looks and feels chaotic. But new structures of support will spring up in their place if we seize this opportunity. The feminine principles of nurturing, teamwork, intuition, mutual support and understanding, will come into balance with the masculine principles of structure, action, administration and critical thinking. The way out of the chaos is to evolve the spiritual mind

Love is the way and must be our guiding Light!

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