Red Dress – a novel

“In what is, quite easily, one of the most pleasingly quick-witted, funny, highly intelligent, and even spiritually insightful books to come out for many a year, Bridget Finklaire’s Red Dress is a book that perfectly embodies the phrase “page turner.”

Anne Carlini, Book Reviews

Red Dress, a novel, is available anywhere books are sold – online or otherwise. You can buy from,, and Waterstones. Full buying options together with reviews are available at John Hunt Publishing. South African readers can buy the e-book or Kindle version. Check the John Hunt Publishing website. Red Dress is also listed on Goodreads!

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My occasional blog, Love is the Way, is an insight into the things that inspire me. The entries are short, entertaining and informative. Grab a coffee, put your feet up and take a look!

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What people are saying...

Red Dress, a novel & The Bone Circle© Training
Bridget Finklaire

William Whitecloud

Author, The Magician’s Way

"I loved this story. The kind of enlightened romantic drama Shakespeare would have written if he were alive today."

The Bone Circle logo

Lena Ski

Purpose Strategist

“The Bone Circle has been by far one of the most profound trainings I've ever done. It's touched so many parts of me so deeply. It's gifted me with a new navigation system, a truer orientation of who I am, and a shift that changes everything about how I show up."

Bridget Finklaire

Jane Bailey Bain

Author, Lifeworks

“Engaging, light-hearted and deeply touching, this book deals with universal themes: alienation, exploration and the quest for reconciliation – with who you were, where you are and what you want to be.”

Love is the Way

Bridget Finklaire’s Blog


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Still Point. Zero Point.

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