It may not have escaped your notice that you haven’t heard from me in a very long time.  I’ve been cocooned in a period of transformation, and am about to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

For the past couple of years I’ve had a lot on my plate.  My body decided it was time to go through the great rite of passage we call the menopause.  I now understand why it was once called “the change.”  At the same time, I was guided to buy a beautiful piece of land overlooking the ocean and work with an architect and builders to create a stunning new home.   I hit a perfect storm of adrenal fatigue, the stress of a huge building project and the Heroine’s Journey which is what the menopause can be – read Maureen Murdock’s book if you want to know more about the journey women must take to reclaim their true selves.

So it’s been a busy time of dealing with builders and snags and boxes and structural engineers, as well as going within to examine the internal structures of who I am in the world.

All that is coming to an end!  I’m more or less over burn-out, more or less over menopause, and I’m now emerging from the chrysalis.

The re-write of the first three chapters of my book have been accepted by my UK publisher and I’m in the process of a huge re-write of the entire novel, which is set in London.

I’m about to work with a small group of women, taking them through an incredible, life-changing training, called the Bone Circle.If you live in the Cape and want to know more, please contact me.

Wishing you Love, Light, Blessings and a beautiful day.

Bridget x

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Bridget Finklaire

Bridget Finklaire is an author, spiritual teacher and change-maker. Her debut novel, Red Dress, is available from Amazon and all good book stores as of August 2021. Bridget is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and creates positive change in the lives of her clients. In 2018, she developed The Bone Circle©, an extensive, in-depth training, designed to help people understand who they really are, what they’ve come here to do (their soul purpose), how to create what they’d truly love by following intuitive guidance, and most importantly, how to spot and overcome the sabotage that often stops people in their tracks!


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