As I mark two years of being in our beautiful Mother City (Cape Town), I have been looking back at my first week here – in The Mother City, in Mamma Africa, on Mother Earth.

I arrived in Cape Town one dull Sunday morning in October 2012, suitcase in hand. I had no real idea why I had come. I had never been to South Africa in my life and knew only three people here – two of which were passing acquaintances. When asked “What brings you to Cape Town?” I was hard pressed to answer sensibly.

The third day was a glorious one, much like today – hot, sunny, no wind, with piercing blue skies and a warming heat that penetrates to the bone. I sat by the pool of my backpacker’s lodge and it finally dawned on me why I had come. “I’m in my Land of Plenty” I thought.

Venturing out of the comfort of my backpacker’s lodge, I wandered the streets below Gardens and walked some of the grid-like structure of the City Bowl. Watching people and places, I found myself in a market square amongst stalls selling African wares to the tourists. Nearby were funky cafes serving freshly squeezed juice and wholesome soul food. Revived and ready for more, I entered the hallowed space of the Cathedral, having walked past the Parliament buildings. Squinting into bright sunlight, I left, and followed the crowd into Company’s Gardens to lie on the lush green grass below the Frangipani Trees…. This is an awfully big adventure, I realised.

Table Mountain

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Bridget Finklaire

Bridget Finklaire is an author, spiritual teacher and change-maker. Her debut novel, Red Dress, is available from Amazon and all good book stores as of August 2021. Bridget is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and creates positive change in the lives of her clients. In 2018, she developed The Bone Circle©, an extensive, in-depth training, designed to help people understand who they really are, what they’ve come here to do (their soul purpose), how to create what they’d truly love by following intuitive guidance, and most importantly, how to spot and overcome the sabotage that often stops people in their tracks!


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